By Lacey Flanagan Yarmouth

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Lacey Flanagan Yarmouth

Lacey Flanagan has always had a strong interest in the arts. Since a young age, she had a strong desire to work as a creative professional, but she wasn't sure in which direction she wanted to take her professional career. She found herself being inspired by the colors she saw all around her, no matter where she went. Despite the fact that she was also interested in musical instruments, she found that producing beautiful artwork with her hands was her favorite activity. Her college years were spent taking as many courses as she could in order to find out precisely what she wanted to do with her life after graduation. She eventually opted on painting as a career.

She enrolled in a number of different courses. She experimented with sculptures, canvases, nature, and a variety of different forms of paint. She was always attracted to bright, vibrant colors, feeling that they had a particular quality about them that others did not. When she works with different materials, she employs these hues to attempt to bring out something unique in each one. She had the belief that her commitment to her artistic area would bring out the best in all of her subjects. Yes, that is precisely what occurred.

At the end of the day, her most important aim is to attempt to make others happy. She recognizes that there is a great deal of stress in the world right now, and she feels that if someone can leave their worries behind for even a few seconds while looking at her artwork, it will be well worth it. She is influenced by a variety of artistic views in her immediate environment. Because she lives in the woods of Maine, she is exposed to a variety of sights and sounds that most people do not get to encounter on a daily basis. She may take a stroll along Main Street, a stroll through the woodland, or a relaxing stroll along the cliffs at the edge of the coastline.

One of her most distinctive abilities is her ability to breathe life into almost any situation she finds herself in. It is this variety that distinguishes her from the other artists working in the area of fine art. She aims to establish connections with her subjects by depicting the same item in a variety of ways on the canvas. Taking a walk down the seaside, for example, can be something she does at various times of the day. The artwork may take on a completely different appearance depending on how the light strikes the water and what time of year it is. Whenever she paints individuals, her subjects often comment on how she has the capacity to bring out an aspect of themselves that they were previously unaware of.