By Lacey Flanagan Yarmouth

Lacey Flanagan yarmouth


Lacey Flanagan has always had a strong interest in art. She knew she wanted to be a creative professional since she was a child, but she wasn't sure which path her career would take. The colors she saw around her inspired her everywhere she went. Despite her love in musical instruments, she preferred to create beautiful artwork with her hands. She crammed as many subjects as she could while in school, attempting to figure out what her true interest would be. She eventually decided to pursue art.

She enrolled in a range of courses. She used sculptures, canvases, nature, and a variety of pigments in her work. She was always drawn to bright, vibrant colors, believing that they had a special quality. She employs these hues in order to bring out something new in everything she creates. Her commitment to her creative area, she believed, would bring out the best in all of her subjects. That is precisely what occurred.